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Step into the mesmerising world of ceremony music. Here, the enchanting melodies create a flood of emotions that will linger in your hearts, setting the tone for your special day.
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The magic of wedding music

Music holds the key to creating an atmosphere that resonates with the essence of your wedding. Achieving the perfect blend of melodies requires a mix of careful planning and experienced intuition. This is where DJ SKip Alexander steps in – your guide to crafting an exquisite soundtrack for your perfect day.
ceremony music
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Capturing the Ceremony's Essence

We collaborate closely with couples to design a musical atmosphere that's both timeless and personal. Whether you envision a traditional ceremony or desire something uniquely exceptional, our extensive repertoire ensures we can cater to your individual tastes, no matter how diverse.

From Classical to Global, Your Vision is Our Command

Beyond English and Irish weddings, we've ventured into the realms of various cultures, be it Chinese, Jewish, Indian, and beyond. Share your desires with us, and watch them materialise into harmonious reality.

A Symphony for Every Step

The wedding ceremony comprises a symphony of moments, each deserving of its musical narrative. From the prelude that sets the mood to the processional that accompanies the bride's entrance, we curate a soundscape that mirrors the emotions of each stage. Even the recessional as you and your partner step into your new chapter is met with a melody that echoes joy.

Unveil the Personal Touch

Opting for hotel-catered CDs might suffice, but is that what your heart truly desires for this monumental day? We don't believe in cutting corners, and we're certain you won't either. Our commitment to delivering the utmost personalised experience is unwavering.

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civil ceremonies: music that speaks to you

For civil ceremonies, the choice of music holds incredible significance. Our accolades for ceremony music affirm that your special moment is entrusted to capable hands.

Your Vision, Our Mission

With Skip's seasoned expertise, rest assured that your ceremony's musical landscape is well-taken care of. Recognising the importance of selecting the perfect ceremony songs, it's no wonder people choose us as their premier choice.

Serenade Your Celebration

Elevate your drinks reception with meticulously selected music, resonating with timeless classics played on our state of the art sound system. Your guests will be enveloped in an atmosphere that's harmonious and serene, setting the perfect tone for your day.

Live Music for Captured Moments

While you're away capturing cherished moments with your photographer, we'll serenade your guests with live music. Whether it's a cherished song or a piece of sentimental value, we'll ensure your absence is marked with enchanting melodies.

Your Journey, Our Expertise

Our comprehensive wedding music package includes up to two hours of ceremony time, a formally dressed ceremony music coordinator, and impeccable audio equipment. A wireless microphone guarantees the clarity of your officiant's words.

Dependable and Dedicated

we are more than a service; we are your steadfast partner in weaving musical dreams. Our full-time office and attentive staff are ready to meet at your convenience, with no charge for the time we share.

Cultivating the Perfect Dinner Ambience

As the day progresses, our extensive playlist offers thousands of songs to accompany your meal, creating an exquisite dining atmosphere.
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Remember, any ceremony music you choose must receive the Registrar's approval.