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Stars in your eyes

A TOUCH OF WHIMSY AND WONDER. AN EVENING OF PURE ENCHANTMENT IN YOUR WEDDING TALE. Add a touch of glamour and excitement to your wedding with our exclusive package.
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a promise for an unforgettable experience

stars in your eyes

Step into the limelight as you and your guests become the stars of your very own cabaret-style show. Our carefully curated collection of 47 outfits awaits, ensuring you'll find the perfect persona to embody for the night. No singing skills required—just bring your sense of humour and let the fun take over.
freddie mercury

Dress Up and Dance

Imagine dancing the night away dressed as iconic stars. From Madonna's Material Girl to the legendary Elvis, the options are endless. You don't need to worry about your performance—miming, dancing, and capturing the essence of your chosen artist are all part of the enchanting experience.

Sparkling Clean and Ready to Shine

Our Stars In Your Eyes outfits are meticulously cared for, ensuring each one is in impeccable condition. Professionally cleaned and maintained, you'll be donning costumes that exude authenticity and charm. No ripped or unpleasant-smelling costumes here—only top-notch attire for your moment in the spotlight.

A Gala of Laughter and Memories

Whether you're the life of the party or the shyest guest, Stars In Your Eyes guarantees a night of laughter, camaraderie, and shared moments that will be cherished forever. Watch as your loved ones transform into their chosen stars, each performance a testament to the power of music and celebration.

80s disco

Details and Booking

Explore our diverse array of outfits, from the iconic Freddie Mercury to the spirited Village People, and find the perfect match for your style. Please note that this package is not available when a band is performing, ensuring you have ample time to enjoy this unique experience.

For pricing details and further inquiries, please reach out to us.
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Prepare for an evening of glamour, laughter, and boundless entertainment. Stars In Your Eyes is a symphony of music, fashion, and fun that transforms your wedding into a night to remember. Embrace the spotlight and let your star shine bright.